Welcome to Norrell & Powers Norrell, LLC

Our attorneys practice in the areas of Bankruptcy, Family Law, Social Security DisabilitySerious Injuries and Wrongful Death. We have been serving Lancaster, South Carolina and surrounding areas for more than two decades and have almost 60 years combined experience in our field.

We see people at some of the darkest and most burdened times of their lives, and we believe the most important part of our jobs is to lift those burdens and bring justice to your situation.  Whether it’s the wrongful death or injury of a loved one, a divorce, disability, or insurmountable debt, our attorneys take seriously the responsibilities our clients entrust to us — and we consider it an honor to use our knowledge and experience to get justice for you!

We will fight for you against an insurance company that won’t give you what’s fair, we will advocate for you at your disability hearing, we will work for the best possible resolution for you in your divorce or custody matter, and we will walk with you through the bankruptcy process toward that much needed fresh start.  Our goal is to help you get justice so you can put these dark and burdensome days behind you, knowing that you can look forward to brighter days ahead!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Norrell & Powers Norrell, LLC

  1. Mitch fought long and hard for my disability. Even when I’m sure other attorneys would have given up he continued to fight for me going all the way to Virginia to appeal my appeal! He worked tirelessly for me even though his fee had already capped out. I would send every person I know to this firm!

  2. My fiancé and I are forever grateful to Mr. Norrell. Many years and turmoil had passed with my fiancé trying to get a divorce. We figured it would take forever. Mr. Norrell acted right away and got the ball rolling and much to our surprise not soon after, the divorce is final. Mr. Norrell is kindhearted, friendly and upfront. You always know what his next move will be in your favor. Id suggest him in a heartbeat and we are still very grateful for his services. Thank you

  3. The best Lawyers on the Planet!!!!

    15 years ago helped a young Marine “me” get custody of his 2 children that were in a dangerous situation!…

    Gave me years to pay him back but I will never be able to pay him pay…

    Tiffany is now a proud mother and a great one to my grandson…

    Cody is also now a US Marine serving our great country!

    Thank you and god bless you

    Also I have went through some trying times and moved, I haven’t received a bill and would like to take care of the last of it..

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