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Drowning in Debt?  Need a Fresh Start?  

We Can Help!

We have been helping people get a fresh start through bankruptcy since 1998.  For an initial consultation fee of just $25, we will meet with you and discuss your financial situation and your options.  Many people who are dealing with financial hardship have experienced harassment and pressure from creditors, feelings of guilt and depression, as well as companies promising to consolidate their debt and lower their payments for a fee — many times with disappointing results.

We will meet with you and discuss your situation in a caring, objective, and non-judgmental environment.  Our goal is that, after our meeting, you have a plan going forward that will lead you to a fresh start unburdened of crushing debt.  Bankruptcy may or may not be a part of your plan for a fresh start in your life, but our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your situation.  And if you decide to hire us to file a bankruptcy for you, we will be there every step of the way.

Mandy Powers Norrell is not only a Lancaster bankruptcy attorney, but has a statewide practice helping people primarily in Lancaster, York, Chester, Chesterfield and surrounding counties, as their trusted Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer.

Call today (803) 289-1800 or email us for an appointment to speak to bankruptcy lawyers near you and find out if bankruptcy is your best option.

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