Serious Injuries and Death

Traumatic injury. Disfigurement. Disability. Death of a loved one. This is no time to be forced to make decisions that might compromise your ability to recover and to be fairly compensated for something that is someone else’s fault. Insurance companies are eager to take advantage of your grief, mounting medical bills, and lost income to settle quickly for less than you deserve. You need an advocate! Or two!

We have two attorneys with over 50 years experience in handling simple and complex Injury and Death cases. Mitch and Mandy work as a team throughout your case. We want to settle your case fairly (and most cases we handle do settle for an amount that is fair, or for the maximum insurance policy limits), but when insurance adjusters aren’t treating you fairly, our gloves come off. Because your life and future are at stake.

We do our best to investigate who the at-fault parties are, and what insurance policies cover your claim. We don’t want to leave anything on the table if it means you and your loved ones are being short-changed.

Call (803) 289-1800 or email us for a FREE CONSULTATION and case evaluation.  We handle these types of Injury and Death cases on a CONTINGENT FEE basis:

Wrongful Death  ♦  Automobile Crashes  ♦  Trucking Accidents  ♦  

Highway Design Defects  ♦  Medical Malpractice  ♦  Defective Products  ♦

Life Insurance Claims  ♦  Negligence (Resulting in Personal Injury or Death)

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