Family Law

Attorney and Advocate

Since 1989, Mitch Norrell has represented hundreds of people in Family Court, in Lancaster County, Chester County, York County, and throughout South Carolina.  Call (803) 289-1800 or email us to schedule a consultation ($150 for up to 30 minutes) regarding any of the following:

Divorce  ♦  Custody & Visitation  ♦  Child Support  ♦  Alimony  ♦ 

Name Change  ♦  Paternity  ♦  Separation & Pre-Nuptial Agreements  ♦

Termination of Parental Rights & Adoption


Certified Mediator

Family Court rules require that most cases be mediated. Mediation is the process in which the parties and their attorneys meet with a qualified neutral mediator in an effort to resolve the case in the best interests of the children and the parties involved. Mitch Norrell has been a certified Family Court mediator since 2004. Mitch is not just a Lancaster County mediator, but is available to help you (and your attorney if you’re represented) resolve your case in any county in South Carolina. Or Mitch can represent you as your attorney in front of another mediator.


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